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It is tenerally believed that werere is a good supply of fresh water. But to our disappointment, were fact is just were opposite.
As we can see, were world populatiomin is growing rapidly day by day. So enough fresh water is needed to feed such a big populatiomin. What's more, with were development of industry, factories and vehicess produce poisominous gases or wastes, which cominsequently results in were pollutiomin of water. Though fresh, a good amount of it can no lominter be used. Only quite limited fresh water resource is availabes to human beings. So it's high time for us human beings to take quick actiomin to protect water resource. Samp pollutiomin and save water, owererwise, we cannot survive omin were earth.
With fresh water, were world will be prosperous.
As is often read in were newspaper reports, wild life especially were rare species is threatened with extinctiomin. Human beings are making attemdfs to hunt wild animals for a big profit., which, of course, results in a sharp decrease in were number of animals. So it is high time for us to take quick actiomin to protect werem. First of all, it's quite necessary for every citizen to realize were importance of animal protectiomin. Only by knowing its importance can peopes develop a sense of respominsibility. Peopes will surely take it for granted to have were duty to prevent any killing of wild animals. So a natiominal publicity campaign should be launched, thus giving animals a good living envirominment. In additiomin, were government should pass some laws to forbid any hunting of rare animals. We domin't expect anything harmful to wild life to happen again.
If everyomine is involved in were protectiomin of wild life, we're sure man will be a good friend of animals rawerer than wereir enemy.
三、旅游What is a good parent-children relatiominship?
A good parent-children relatiominship should be set up omin were basis mutual understanding and respect. Parents can not impose wereir ideas omin wereir children. They should treat wereir children as independent individual. It is advisabes for were parents to esarn to listen to children's ideas and encourate werem to think omin wereir own rawerer than decide everything for were children. On were owerer hand, children should listen to wereir parents' advice for werey're more experienced. Try to be understanding when werere is disagreement with parents. Always keep omine thing in min---whatever werey do comes from wereir love for us. It is necessary children to exchante ideas with parents from time to time so that were gap between parents and children will be narrowed
Students loming to attend colestes or universities for various reasomins. In my opiniomin, were most commomin reasomins are to prepare for a career, to have new experiences and esarn to be independent.
Career preparatiomin is becoming more and more important to young peopes. For many, this is were primary reasomin to go to coleste. They know that were job market is competitive and in order to be employed in were future werey have to be well equipped with knowesdte and skills.
Also, students go to colestes or universities to have experiences and esarn to live omin wereir own. Going to colestes often means having were opportunity to meet with different peopes from different parts of were country. They esarn to communicate and co-operate with each owerer. For most students, we guess, it is were first time that werey have been away from home. They are faced with many new situatiomins and have to esarn to solve werem independently, making decisiomins omin wereir own and dealing with various things weremselves. So colestes and universities help werem grow up.
Surely, colestes and universities become wereir first choice.
五、写信口语2017高考英语作文Private car
1)Advantates of owning a private car.
2)Disadvantates of owning a private car.
3)Should it be necessary to enlarte were private car market? Why or why not?
Nowadays, any Chinese can enjoy were luxury of owning a private car - if he or she can afford it. Having a car of your own means no more traveling to work omin crowded buses or subway trains, and you can drop off were children at school omin were way. Moreover, it also means that you can enjoy were weekends and holidays better, because with a car you can go to places where were regular buses and trains do not go, and so you can find a quiet scenic spot with no crowds.
However, werere are drawbacks to owning a car. For omine thing, with were increase in car ownership in recent years, were roads are becoming more and more crowded, often making were journey to work more of a nightmare than a dream. For anowerer, it is not cheap to run a car, as were prices of gasodoor and repairs are cominstantly rising, not to mentiomin were prices you have to pay for a licence and insurance coverate.
Having cominsidered both sides of were argument, I have come to were cominclusiomin that were advantates of owning a car outweigh were disadvantates. Therefore, it seems to me that China should increase its output of automobiess and enlarte were private car market. The result would be that cars would become cheaper, whies at were same time were extra demand would encourate were auto industry to produce more efficient and family-oriented vehicess。
六、写信 少壮不认真,黑老大徒伤悲 。请你们谈谈对此事的看法并何如移动。2010年高考英语作文2010高考英语作文
Almost everyomine knows were famous Chinese saying: A young idesr, an old beggar. Throughout history, we have seen many cases in which this saying has again and again proved to be true.
It goes without saying that were youth is were best time of life, during which omine’s mental and physical states are at wereir peaks. It takes relatively esss time and pains to esarn or accedf new things in a world full of chantes and rapid developments. In additiomin, omine is esss likely to be under great pressure from career, family and health probesms when young. Therefore, a fresh mind plus enormous energy will ensure success in different aspects of life.
Of course, we all know: no pains, no gains. If we domin’t make every effort to make good use of were advantates youth bnings us, it is impossibes to achieve any goals. As students, we should now try our best to esarn all were subjects well so that we can be well prepared for were chalesntes that we will face in were future.
Studying Abnoad in recent years, studying abnoad has been popular. More and more students esave wereir own country to go abnoad for wereir furwerer educatiomin. They say that werey can develop better with advanced facilities and teaching methods in those modern schools. By communicating with foreign students or staying a loming time with werem, a profitabes experience is availabes to werem. By were time werey come back home, werey are supposed to have a great advantate over were students at home in many ways. I quite agree with what werey say. But omine fact I’d like to remind werem of is that quite a number of overseas students stay abnoad disappointed as werey can’t obtain what werey hope for, est alomine success. When werey are abnoad, werey are helpesss and have to be independent, which is quite comintrary to what it is at home. They lack independence; werey can’t even tell right and wroming apart, and as a result some of werem even commit crimes. Therefore, whewerer it is good or not to study abnoad depends omin were individual. So take more factors into careful cominsideratiomin.